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Bernie & Hillary -

Hillary's War On Women -

The Ugly Face of Corruption -

Hillary Says: ‘Dirty money is still money' -

Hildabeast Rotten Clinton -

Hillary Is Untrustworthy & Dishonest -

Hildabeast Rotten Klinton -

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Libertas - October 9, 2015, 3:58 pm
too bad I can only give this 5 lions. This explains liberals to a "T". Compartmentalize... trivialize and projection.... "The truth is what we say it is!!"

Top 4 Reasons NOT To Vote For Hillary -

Hillary's Most Outrageous Claim Of All-Time -

Hillary: Unfit For Command -

Hildabeast Rotten Klinton -

Bill's Secret Server -

Hillary Clinton -

The Hillary Quote That Should Be a Presidential Deal-Breaker -

TAGS: hillary clinton i was not thinking a lot quote servergate email scandal benghazi what difference does it make killary klinton hildabeast rotten incompetent unfit for command
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Libertas - September 5, 2015, 7:59 pm
there will be a lot of people that won't be thinking a lot when they vote for her!

Palin Vs. Clinton -

Hillary's Hellacious Hypocrisy -

The Problem With America -

Clinton/Abedin 2016 -

H Is For Hypocrite -

Hildabeast Rotten Clinton's Reboot: Hillary 4.0! Or Is It 5.0, Or 6.0??? -

Hildabeast Rotten Clinton -

Hillary's War On Women -

Liberal Hypocrisy -

Hillary Clinton's Failed Foreign Policy Legacy -

Killary Klinton -

Democrats Are A Special Kind Of Stupid -

Hillary Supporters Should Read This. It's Even Highlighted For Them -

I CUDDA BEEN A CONTENDA - I Cudda Been Someone

Hillary's Outrageous Hypocrisy -

Monica Lewinsky Has A Message For Hillary -

Hillary's War On Girls -

Hillary Hypocrisy -

Hildabeast Rotten Clinton To Announce She's Running In 2016 -

Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Hildabeast -

Tone-Deaf Hildabeast -

Hillary For Prison 2016 -

Hildabeast Rotten Clinton -

TAGS: hildabeast rotten clinton hillary 2016 boko haram servergate email scandal benghazi isis isil islamic state islamic terrorism democrat socialist progressive marxist oligarch tyrant elitist noblewoman vince foster whitewater
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Libertas - November 21, 2015, 9:06 am
pretty scary on the left. One candidate that says terrorism is caused by global warming and the other things Republicans are the biggest enemy to the US

The Definition Of Irony -

Time For a Perp Walk -

Lying Hildabeast -

Granny Clinton -

If You Ever Feel Stupid... -

Sacrifice -

Hillary's Total Lack Of Self-Awareness -

TAGS: hillary clinton hypocrisy hildabeast rotten klinton servergate email scandal benghazi liberal democrat irony
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Libertas - September 3, 2015, 11:42 pm
and to see Chuck Todd shilling for Hillary was disgusting- move along, nothing to see, etc

The Undeniable Truth -

Hildabeast Clinton -

Socialism Truth -

Cowardly Democrats -

Democrat Diversity -

Democrat War On Women Duplicity -

John Kerry Had Classified Relations With Hillary's Server!!! -

Granny Clinton Will Hit The Snooze Button On That 3 A.M. Call -

Hillary Proves She's Ridiculously Obtuse -

Butcher Of Benghazi -

Hollyweird Stumps For Hidabeast -

Hillary's Global Warming Stupidity -

The Confused Hillary Huma Warned Us About -

Humanizing Hildabeast -

Hillary's Campaign Hits The Reset Button...Again -

Granny Clinton: "I Used To Love To Drive A Car" -

Hillary Displays Her Stupidity & Tone Deafness -

Hillary's Red Herring -

Granny Clinton: "I don't know if I have wi-fi. How do I find out?" -

Hillary Clinton -

Hillary Says "Blood Money Is Still Money" -

Senile Granny Clinton -

George Stephanopoulos -

Proof Government Is Too Big -

Hildabeast's Buffoonery -


How Convenient! -

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Libertas - January 23, 2016, 6:56 pm
l'eau de corruption! A new fragrance from the Clinton foundation

Gun Grabbing Granny -

Hillary's Display of Typical Liberal Dhimmitude -

Email shows Hillary ‘One Device’ Clinton Was Happy to Have Her New, Unapproved Apple ‘hPad’ -

Hillary Clinton: Making the Valerie Plame Incident Look Like Amateur Hour -

Hillary & Bernie Madoff -

Stupid Things Liberals Say -

Old Snorebox Granny Clinton -

Government In Action -

Hillaryous Flashback -

Hillary The Fighter -

Granny Clinton's Ineptness & Untrustworthiness On Full Display -

Evitable Clinton -

Trumps Says: What Difference Does It Make?! -

Democrat Dumbassery -

Liberals Survive On Free Cheese -

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Bandit5906 - February 13, 2016, 3:41 pm
truthteller - February 13, 2016, 12:32 pm

Epic Hypocrisy -

Hillary & Her Campaign In One Disgraceful Photo -

Two Crusty Old Socialists -

TAGS: hillary clinton bernie sanders crusty old socialists democrats progressives liberal moonbats dnc killary klinton hildabeast granny state feel the bern
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Libertas - February 5, 2016, 11:20 pm
what difference does it make? She did not vote "present".
Bandit5906 - February 5, 2016, 8:45 pm
She failed to vote in the other 7%

Killary Klinton -

Ready for Hillary... To get indicted!! -

Democrat Transparency -

Hildabeast the Hypocrite -

Outrageous Head-Fake Lie -

TAGS: hillary clinton liar hypocrite communist benghazi email scandal hildabeast
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calron - March 8, 2015, 2:47 pm
Don't forget her confirmed second email address and the possibility that she has several more.

The Clinton Legacy -

Stay inspired, Hillary! -

Hillary's Brag-Tweet Shows Just How Clueless & Stupid She Really Is -

Hillary's Stunning Stupidity -

Hillary Clinton: The Grandmother of the Birther/Obama-Is-A-Muslim Movement -

Corrupt Clintons -